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About Ruth & Kris Tassell

Hi! We’re Ruth and Kris Tassell – a husband-and-wife team from Cairns, Queensland, Australia. It’s often said that Cairns is “beautiful one day and perfect the next” – we couldn’t agree more!

Kris and Ruth Tassell

First, we want to thank you for stopping by. We believe very strongly that we were put on this earth to help and serve others, and this website is an extension of that belief. As Zig Ziglar said:

Zig Ziglar Network Marketing Expert


Are You Looking for More in Life?

We will help anyone, in particular those who are:

  • Tired of the typical 9-to-5 (or worse, 8-to-7) job and itching for a new career opportunity;
  • Getting started in multi level marketing (MLM) with no clue of where to begin;
  • Former network marketing professionals who may have had limited success before but are looking to start afresh and avoid many of the pitfalls that inexperience brings;
  • Wanting to start on a journey of self-development;
  • Stuck in a ‘success coma’ (more on that later);
  • Looking to join a growing team with a proven track record in off-line and on-line network marketing.

We’re confident that our site will help you on the way to financial freedom and personal fulfilment!


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Our Story

Ruth and Kris TassellRuth was born in London, United Kingdom and Kris was born in Australia in a tiny outback town called Mt Isa.  We had vastly different childhoods with Ruth partly growing up in foster care, whilst Kris came from a working class family. We both learned the importance of hard work as Ruth put herself through University and Kris rose through the professional sporting ranks of Rugby League.

When we met in the UK, we had big dreams that we resolved to work hard to achieve. At various points we worked as many as five jobs between the two of us, while also studying and raising our first child! We moved to Australia, found well-paying jobs and started building a property portfolio.

After only a few years in Australia, we found ourselves in what we now refer to as a ‘success coma’. It’s easy to settle in to a success coma, as it often comes from some of these traits:

  • Seemingly well paying job/s
  • Nice home, car, possessions
  • 1-2 investments of some sort
  • 1 Yearly holiday
  • Occasional time with family and friends


However, there are some often-overlooked consequences of the success coma. By the time you’ve recognised the symptoms, it can be too late to address the problems:

  • Long, gruelling hours that end up benefitting someone else
  • Working in confined spaces with little-to-no outside contact
  • Exchanging time for money (money-rich, time-poor) which when you work out your actual hourly wage, it becomes a low paying job
  • Lack of time to serve others
  • Missing out on important moments with friends and family
  • Exhaustion

While we thought we were ‘successful’, we were lucky to recognise that we weren’t and that this wasn’t what we wanted out of life.  We would always ask ourselves “Is this really it?”

Luckily for us, when we starting asking ourselves the right questions we started to map out what we wanted our present and our future to look like.  Our eyes were opened when we read a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (we recommend it for any beginning entrepreneur!).

Network Marketing: Our Way Up

After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, we continued on a self-development journey that includes works by Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown and others. We couldn’t help but notice that these successful people all endorsed network marketing.

The tipping point was a quote by one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, Bill Gates:

Bill Gates on Network Marketing

We were sold!

Like a Bull in a China Shop

We went all-out in our first network marketing efforts; we found our first opportunity, tried the products, listened to the success stories and were totally hooked. We built our list, worked our warm market, travelled to training courses and seminars and spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to learn and build our business.

We signed people up to our team and worked our way up to a monthly income of about $200. While we were doing everything that we thought we needed to do, we soon came to a grinding halt and found ourselves becoming overwhelmed with a lack of support and knowledge. However, we knew that we didn’t want to become another network marketing statistic; where a large portion of people entering this industry to build a business quit.

What Challenge Us?

Hindsight is a great thing and here are some of the things that challenged us during our first foray into network marketing. If you’ve had any experience with this industry, these may sound familiar:

  • Our warm market dried up quickly and we had a hard time finding leads to fill the funnel
  • Many people in our downline quit purchasing the products or building the business which led to a poor retention rate in our team
  • No internal or external training was provided, (we have now learnt this is imperative to achieving success in this industry)
  • We were working long hours with little results
  • We realised that the team we were involved in didn’t match our goals or values

We also believe that problems are gifts and understanding and overcoming these issues helped turn us into stronger entrepreneurs and better people.  Now that we’ve gotten past the typical challenges of starting out, we’re here to help you avoid some of the challenging times we endured.

Lesson Learned, Never Quit

Ruth and Kris TassellWhen we left our first venture, we took a sabbatical and reflected on what had happened. We took that time to learn about the industry, work on our skill sets, research effective ways of building a business and sought out leaders and experts who could support us in our quest to gain an online presence in network marketing.

During our first attempt at network marketing, we entered blindly and didn’t do our due diligence based around what we would normally do if we were starting a ‘normal’ business.  If we had done our due diligence, we would have asked questions like: What support do we need? What training is available?  Who am I going to be working with? What’s the culture of the company/team? Have the leaders got a proven successful track record?

Enthusiasm will only get you so far and when you hit that brick wall there needs to be a support network because without strong leadership and training, we feel the odds are stacked against newbie network marketers.

The second time around for us in network marketing, we chose who we wanted to be aligned with which was powerful to us and now we are achieving synergy (the interaction of two or more groups so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects). Our new team is fun, dynamic, hardworking, inclusive, driven, honest, respectful, collaborative, hungry, ambitious and supportive. While nobody in our team will do the work for us, they’re invested in our growth and are eager to support our business and we would like to do the same for you.

The most important thing we learned during our time away from network marketing was how to become effective CEOs of our business. Tony Robbins says that “success as a leader is 80% mindset and 20% skill” and we’ve found that to be true in our new network marketing venture. We’ve developed the “millionaire mindset” and we want to share it with you.

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Our Thank You Gift to You

To thank you for visiting our site, we would love to share with you our FREE BOOK: ‘Master Yourself First – Play Life On Your Terms’.  We feel that following these strategies will lay the foundation for a bright future in network marketing.

Follow your dreams and never give up!